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Group Interpretation All-Conference Cast Members Named

Congratulations to Oak Forest High School Seniors Tessa Damien and Dawn Lubaton, who were named Saturday to the All-Conference South Suburban Cast for their performances in the Oak Forest High School Group Interpretation play “Coraline” written by Neil Gaiman and adapted by Oak Forest High School Group Interpretation cast members.  

An onlooker commented of the two girls’ performances, “They really ‘got’ their character.  When Charlie Jones [played by Tessa Damien] told a dad joke, my son elbowed me in the ribs because that is a joke I could have told!”  
The Group Interpretation show is based on Coraline by Neil Gaiman.  In the story, an inquisitive and bratty young girl finds a portal to another world where everything is brighter and better than where she lives in real life.  The only bad thing is that in the “other” world is that everyone has buttons for eyes and when a person acquires buttons for eyes, they cannot go back to real life.  Coraline meets a copy of her mother called the “Other” Mother who, over time, shows her obsessive and evil side, which teaches Coraline that real life, even with its various bad and frustrating things, is always better. 
The OFHS Group Interpretation cast performed at the SSC Festival March 11 at Reavis High School, and proceed next week to Sectionals at Richards High School.  The Oak Forest High School Group Interpretation is directed by Oak Forest High School teacher Cheryl Harris-Sumida, volunteer directed by OFHS Alum Brittany Clifton, and student assistant directed by Shaina Spinks, Ema Kester, Sherelyn Saceda, and Bre Horvath.
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